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          Beijing promotes integration of manufacturing and internet industry更多 >>
          • Belgium captured the gold medals in the womens pairs and womens group events, while the mixed pairs and mens pairs went to the United States and Russia respectively.
          • It achieved its funding target in just 50 seconds.
          • But Mark Zuckerberg went one step further: he conducted a complete half-hour public conversation in the Chinese language.
          • Because of the explosive growth of mobile data traffic, Chinese telecom operators, as well as many other enterprises, have stepped up the pace of deploying more wireless network access points across the country since 2010.
          • Li said challenges largely result from the short life cycle of products, intertwining responsibilities between developers, operators and publishing platforms, and complications in obtaining evidence about illegal lottery-style in-app purchases.
          • And members of many of such families expect the national marriage law to be amended and same-sex marriage to be legalized.
          • Chen said that waste incineration plants, even operating under the highest of environment standards, will have negative health effects on nearby residents.
          • Wang also said that the city needed to activate the power of social creativity in its service sector, with the aim of expanding the reform and opening-up of these types of businesses.
          • At least 11 of the Chinese mainlands 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have publicized their reform plans as of Monday and nearly all 11 have increased the number of anti-graft members.
          • At the Central Rural Work Conference that closed Saturday, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said while improving the countrys basic rural system, China would focus on fostering new types of agricultural businesses.
          • Short movies from China are to make their debut on TV overseas in September, with the broadcasting and online distribution rights for about 30 shorts bought by a British company.
          • As a result, business schools around the world are actively seeking international partners and attempting to create various models for cooperation, to develop internationalized EMBAs through their joint efforts.
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